Are you trying to lose fat and doing “all the right things” but not seeing results?

Maybe you are just getting started on your fat loss journey, or maybe you started many months or even years ago. Either way you have fat to lose and believe you SHOULD be able to do it all by yourself. You have had success in virtually every area of your life except this. You are strong willed, goal oriented, laser focused, wildly successful, fiercely independent and gosh darn it, are capable of doing this on your own! Sound familiar? What you are currently doing is not working, your efforts are not paying off, and ultimately, you are not getting the results you deserve. Nothing is worse than knowing you need to do something different but have no idea what “it” even is. The though of asking for help with something you SHOULD be able to handle on your own feels uncomfortable, right?

Well guess what!?! I have been in your shoes and am here to help!!

Hi, my name is Kristen Reddin and I am the founder of My Fat Loss Boss. I have been where you are today. I was leading an extremely busy life as a corporate traveler, traveling more than one hundred nights per year. I was eating most meals out, not prioritizing exercise or nutrition, and was super stressed. My wake up call came after I had spent three months living mostly away on a work project. I got home and realized with dismay that I had hit my highest weight. I knew it had been creeping up but had convinced myself (mostly through stretchy clothes) that it wasn't as bad as it really was. I drew a line in the sand for myself and decided to change.

How diet and exercise made me fat.

I decided that the quickest way to change was through diet and exercise….I was somewhat on the right track; but I approached it the wrong way. I restricted my calories severely, eating mostly vegetables (and drinking wine). I did mostly cardio…classes and machines at the gym. What I didn't realize was that all that cardio was burning through my muscle and that because I wasn't eating enough my metabolism was actually slowing down. Although I lost some weight in the beginning, I gained it all back and then some as my metabolism continued to slow down from what I was doing. 

"The decision to change starts with you."

Then I made a decision and things started to change.

I was ‘doing all the right things’ and nothing was changing. Things were not improving and I was not getting results. The easy thing to do would have been to quit. Thankfully I didn't. I had a realization that I was undervaluing myself. We often undervalue ourselves, and are willing to invest time and money into everyone and everything except ourselves and our health. When I looked at what I was spending to ‘mask’ how unhealthy I was, I was shocked. I was spending thousands on hair, makeup, skincare, clothes, shoes, nails, handbags…all to distract and cover up what was really going on with me. I did something that was very difficult for me, I decided to invest in myself and ask for help. I hired the best nutritionist to teach me about nutrition for fat loss.  I hired the best personal trainer to help me with exercise for fat loss. And I enrolled in several self work courses to help me with mindset and motivation. I was extremely focused, I trusted my coaches, and things started to change. 

It was not easy. I was still traveling like crazy for work. I made some hard choices, put my head down and trusted the process. I started seeing results and that helped me to keep going. I was determined that this time I was going to be successful. I began sharing my journey with others through social media as a way to hold myself accountable. I figured if I told people what I was doing it would be harder for me to quit. Pretty soon I learned I was inspiring others to make some big changes in their lives. In six months I lost forty pounds of FAT and went from thirty three percent body fat to fifteen percent. I had more energy. I felt stronger. I was more focused and energetic. I got my confidence back. I became a new person.

I discovered that I am extremely passionate about about inspiring and helping others to create lasting change in their lives. So much so that I quit my corporate job to help others achieve their fat loss goals and make the kind of lasting lifestyle changes that they are seeking. 

Whether you are just starting on your fat loss journey, or if you have started and what you are currently doing is not getting you the results you want, I am here for you. All of my consulting services and programs were created with you in mind. Together we will fix what isn't working for you and will create a plan customized to get you optimal fat loss results.

Is My Fat Loss Boss right for you?

If most or all of these descriptions fit you, we are likely a good match!

*Busy professional, entrepreneur, or parent
*Successful in most other areas of you life
*Ready to make a lasting change
*Willing to put in the work (not looking for a quick fix)
*Open to change
*Not afraid of a challenge
*Big goal setter
*Go getter/ driven
*Willing to trust the process
*Positive outlook

If this sounds like you let’s jump on a quick call and make sure!

"The right moment is waiting for you to stop waiting for the right moment."