What to do if you ate too much Thanksgiving weekend!!

It's the biggest food holiday of the year wrapped into a four day weekend. Chances are you ate more than you planned. Factor in family dynamics, friends and work events...it all adds up and may be leaving you feeling bloated, full, discouraged and unsure how to get back on track. I get it.

Here are my favorite strategies to help you get back on track to reaching your goals:

1. Get back into your nutrition routine. Don't restrict to try and compensate. That is where yo-yo dieting begins. Your metabolism does not know how to deal with that so it sheds muscle and holds on to fat for dear life. NOT COOL.

2. Get moving. Whether getting back to the gym or going for a walk outside; your body will respond to you getting active. Sometimes changing your routine (even if it's unintentional) will jumpstart your metabolism and fat loss!

3. Get out of black and white thinking. Just because you indulged more than planned this weekend does not mean you totally screwed up the rest of the year! Learn from it and get back on the horse.

4. Don't be a mean girl to yourself. Forgive yourself. Strive for progress over perfection. Be better today than you were yesterday.

Much love! You've got this!!

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