You are ready to stop feeling like you are spinning your wheels and learn the strategies that actually work for lasting fat loss. You are no longer interested in the idea of a “quick fix” or an easy way out. You want to do it the right way and are ready to learn the proven fat loss methods and put them into practice in your life. You are ready to ask for help and support from someone who has been in your shoes and has had a successful fat loss transformation. You know that if you have someone to guide and teach you that you can successfully implement a proven fat loss plan in your busy life. You are independent but like the idea of having someone supporting you along the way. You know you can break some old habits and implement some healthy new habits, and are excited to do so. You are ready to start seeing some changes NOW!


  • Online evaluation
  • Four 1:1 coaching calls (sixty minutes) 
  • Four live group coaching calls (sixty minutes)
  • Individual goal setting (online)
  • Personalized nutrition plan and macros calculation (online)
  • Email access to Kristen for the length of the program

Investment: $125 per week paid in full. Payment plans available.