You can come to me, I can come to you, or we can meet somewhere fun and tropical. We will spend the entire day together. First we will work on mindset and motivation. We are going to dig deep and it is going to be intense. We are going to explore your belief systems, family values and your past history. We are going to get real about what the excess weight you are carrying is doing for you, what it represents to you and what would happen if it were no longer there. We are going to discuss the upper limit problem and get clear on why you self sabotage in this area of your life, possibly anytime you start to see success. Unlike the airlines I promise to help you lose your baggage. We are going to work through and let go of what is holding you back. Then we will eat lunch and in the afternoon we are going create your action plan to be implemented in your life immediately. We will determine challenging yet realistic and measurable goals. We will create a customized fitness plan that fits into your life and will produce the results you are looking for. We will determine a personalized nutrition plan that you feel confident you can execute and stick to despite your busy life. We will break it down by macros specific to you for optimal fat loss. We will discuss meal plan, meal prep and meal delivery as options for your lifestyle. Last I will share with you curated tips and tools to ensure that you stay motivated and inspired, and will share with you the secrets of my personal success. You will leave the day feeling a weightlessness from letting go and will be ready launch your fat loss success armed with all of the strategy and knowledge you need to step into your greatness.


  • Online evaluation
  • 1:1 full day intensive (location TBD)
  • Mindset and belief system session
  • Upper limit block session
  • Motivation strategy session
  • Fitness assessment and program session
  • Nutrition analysis and program session
  • Macros planning session
  • Meal planning/meal prep strategy session
  • Three 1:1 monthly follow up calls (60 minutes)
  • Email and text access to Kristen for three months

Investment: $2,500 (plus travel expenses) paid in full (one time payment only).