You are ready to have your hard work pay off. You are done with trying quick fixes and are ready to make a lasting lifestyle change. You acknowledge that there are some underlying reasons that you keep falling off track. You are ready to work on that. You want to have a plan that works and that you can stick to. You are ready to have someone who has been in your shoes to guide you and hold you accountable. You understand that the 185 hours per week when you are not in the gym are the most important to your success. You are excited to have the support of others who are going through a similar journey. You feel like you have tried just about every fad out there from diets to exercise and nothing has worked. Part of you wants to give up. You are frustrated, defeated and wonder if something is ‘wrong’ with you. You feel lost and alone and wonder why you can't seem to have success with this. You are scared to invest in yourself and your health, why should you when nothing works for you? You feel ashamed and are hesitant to let someone completely Ito this area of your life. I get it. I felt the exact same way. 

Then I decided to change, and you can too. Imagine a life where you have overcome your self destructive patterns and behaviors and you have replaced them with new healthy ones. Taking care of yourself has become second nature. You are passionate about your health and enjoy making fitness and nutrition a priority. You have let go of your excess fat and a new you has emerged. You are fit, healthy and full of energy. You fit into your skinny jeans and are confident about how you look in a bathing suit. All your friends want to know your secret. You finally have the body of your dreams. 


  • Weekly live group call – 60 minutes (recorded) – 24 total
  • Monthly 1:1 call - 60 minutes – 6 total
  • Online evaluation
  • Access to private FB group with unlimited access to Kristen there during program
  • Access to online resource library
  • Individual goal setting session (monthly)
  • Customized fitness program (updated monthly)
  • Individualized nutrition plan and macros calculation (updated monthly)
  • Meal planning and meal prep ideas and guidance

Investment: $5,000 paid in full (one time payment) or six monthly payments of $995.