Let's get straight to the point. You need someone to tell you like it is. You realize that you have fat to lose. You are aware that you can no longer try to conceal this with fancy clothes and other external shiny objects. You see that your excess fat is a public declaration to the world that you do not have this area of your life under control. You are ready to put in the work and will do whatever it takes to change this once and for all. You have tried many things on your own and nothing has worked. You want to be able to do this on your own but have realized you need some help. Either you are not sure what you need to be doing OR you do know what you need to be doing but you keep falling off track. 

You know the importance of having a plan. Right now you either don't have a plan and are trying anything and everything to see what works or you do have a plan but you are not consistently following it. You know that you can't outsource fixing this and that you are the only one that can make this change happen. You are done with the idea of a quick fix and are ready to make a lifestyle change. The idea of not being successful in the area of your life and failing at fat loss again is no longer an option.

Let's fix that. Imagine having this area of your life handled. What if your nutrition, fitness and mindset were on point? What if you knew exactly what you needed to do to lose the fat and you did it? What if you made the right choices and got your health back? What if all of your friends and colleagues couldn't help but notice your transformation and all wanted to know your secret? What if you finally achieved your goal and had the body of your dreams?

The time is now. You are on the edge of a major transformation. You are ready to make yourself a priority. You are ready to put the necessary boundaries in place. You are ready to invest in yourself and your health. You can not afford not to do this. The idea of not doing this right this time is absolutely not an option. 


  • Twelve 1:1 private coaching calls (once a week, 60 minutes)
  • Comprehensive online evaluation
  • Individualized goal setting session (monthly)
  • Customized fitness program (updated monthly)
  • Personalized nutrition plan and macros calculations (updated monthly)
  • Unlimited email and text access to Kristen during coaching period
  • Access to resource library including articles, books, trackers and accountability tools
  • Meal planning and/or meal prep services available

Investment: $200 weekly payments or $2,500 paid in full.