Six-Week Fat Loss Recipe Guide


Six weeks of super clean, macros friendly, fat loss recipes that actually taste delicious.

You are super pumped up to crush your goals....whether it's fat loss, building lean muscle or getting lean and toned. You are here because you are savvy enough to know that diets don't work and you are ready to do it the right way.

You are committed to eating super clean, and maybe have even started tracking your macros. You have taken the first steps, and probably had some good results, and now are ready to move beyond plain boiled chicken, broccoli and rice six times a day. I mean.....<<blech>> who can really do that for more than a few weeks??

That's where I come in. The single most requested thing I get from clients and friends is a guide to recipes for fat loss that actually taste great. So I've created a six week guide for you of my favorite and most popular recipes to promote fat loss. They are all gluten free, dairy free, soy free, are macros friendly and taste delicious. They are also simple and easy to prepare.

The format of this guide is that each week you get three recipes that make four servings each, with exact instructions for preparation; one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner. Each meal will prepare four servings, which is perfect for weekday meal prep for one person. This guide is also flexible so that if you are cooking for two, you can easily double the recipes, or use these recipes to prepare your favorite meals when entertaining.

You will receive fat loss recipes that total 72 meals over six weeks. There are modifications available, including "time hacks", substitutions for paleo/whole-30, etc. All recipes include a macros breakdown for tracking purposes following a 40/40/20 split.

The Six Week Fat Loss Recipe Guide will launch on July 15th for $39.95. It is available now for pre-sale at 25% off when you use the code "FATLOSS". When you purchase the guide now at 25% off you will gain exclusive access to a bonus: Six Week Healthy Dessert Guide, including my all-time favorite.....Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

There's no better time to start preparing healthy and delicious meals and handling your nutrition "Like a Boss". xo